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Medicare/HIPAA-sensitive Behavioral Health EHR integrated with AthenaHealth to enhance a chronic disease management model. A comprehensive tracking system receives, organizes, assigns, & monitors behavioral health referrals to scale. Specialized in customizing software to fit your specific needs, whether FQHCs, ACOs, or specialty clinics.
Multiple templates for psychiatry & behavioral health with prepopulated impressions & recommendations to standardize care, measure outcomes, save time, and ease clinician burnout.

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Flexible EHR to Match Your Clinical Needs

Multiple intake and progress note templates: HIPAA/Medicare sensitive, and notes specific to your specialization (such as psychiatric, chronic pain, mental health, bariatric, and substance abuse).

Protect against costly errors: Medicare-sensitive templates are signable when required documentation is completed.

Pre-arrival, remote patient intake: Intake or Screening process to complete everything at home on a smartphone or computer.

Fast, accurate, automated reports: Completed intakes yield automated impressions and recommendations sections.

Customized intakes and screening tools: Develop individualized reports and treatment plans specific to your medical specialization based on psychosocial determinants (such as Adverse Childhood Events, socioeconomic status, etc), which can also be available to your patients as part of a broader treatment program. Consult with a team with over 50 years in academic, clinical and research settings.

Pre-populated progress notes: Previous notes can automatically prepopulate subsequent notes to save time and promote continuity.


Nothing between the cracks: Receive, organize, assign, and monitor multiple behavioral health referrals.

Results securely integrated with Athena: Transfer E-PHI directly on Athena Dashboard or an encrypted interoperative platform. Limit internal access to sensitive information.

Perfect companion to Athena: Transition quickly from AthenaClinical to a behavioral health group scheduler. Co-sign supervisees notes. Appointment reminders.

Telehealth: Wide open practice powered by

Online Listing Network: Utilize our provider network website to direct clients to available mental health resources or list your own.



Available online for use in medical clinics or embedded in intake forms for behavioral health specialists.

Patient Results Profile:

Measures are associated with overall health, responses to medical care (including surgery), life satisfaction and longevity.

Treatment Plan:

Findings can be available to your patients immediately with a summary and treatment plan.

Brief and extensive versions available:

Choose the screen best suited for case to case needs.


Free Patient App:

Supplement medical and behavioral healthcare with patient-centered best practices through Wholesome Pathway, a cost-effective APP that promotes satisfying, healthy lifestyles, better outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Research-based patient care tools:

A patient profile identifies risks and resources affecting health and well-being, supported with blogs, podcasts, journaling, goal setting and values clarification. Can be done independently at one’s own pace, and guided by a range of specialists in a one-on-one or group format. Complimentary to the patient’s family members and friends. Includes specialty programs such as pre-surgical readiness.