A Tailored Patient Program for

Successful Bariatric Surgery and Sustained Weight Loss

Psychological Assessment (via Telehealth)

  • Profile risks & strengths affecting outcomes
  • Personalized treatment plan and goals
  • Behavioral health coaching

Preoperative Optimization Program – Customized

  • Minimize perioperative complications & mortality
  • Patient engages independently, with therapist, or nutritionist

Tailored Weight Loss Maintenance Program

Web-Based Self-Monitoring & Support Tools

  • Habit tracking system
  • Social networking
  •  Provider counseling services
  •  Ongoing information & education
  •  Peer coaching

Building Wholesome Habits for the Long Haul

  • Nutrition/Eating habits
  •  Activity/Fitness
  •  Wholesome relationships
  •  Personal growth skills
  •  Smoking cessation
  •  [fontawesomehere] Risky drug and alcohol use

Our Trustworthy Commitment to Successful Bariatric Surgery

  • Listed as a leading telehealth company in the U.S.
  • Providing pre-surgical assessments over 30 years Provider counseling services
  •  Quick scheduling & turnaround
  •  Easy patient administration at home or office
  • Most insurance panels accepted
  • $100 Cash pay option available to patients without insurance