The Wholesome Map

Take a health snapshot.

• Generate a specialized treatment plan

• Lay out a health landscape and plot a course to improvement

• All online using any smart device or computer

• Highlight risks as well as strengths and buffers

A comprehensive group of screens and questions for specialty centers in chronic pain, weight loss, organ transplantation, cardiac and cancer care, etc. Given at initial patient contact, the Wholesome Map helps the physician and patient isolate and then treat risk factors affecting outcomes to surgery and medical care.

Areas of measure include narcotic misuse, stressors affecting immune functioning and developmental factors predicting the subsequent development of metabolic syndrome.

The Wholesome Map was developed by a Health Psychologist with 30 years in the field conducting pre-surgical assessments, writing scholarly articles, and instructing in mind/body relationships.

What’s covered in the screening?

Narcotic / Illicit Drug / Alcohol Use – Identify potentially risky substance use problems

Patient Outcomes – Identify triggers and buffers affecting responses to medical care

Legal / Compliance – Identify factors that could pose legal risks or compliance with care

Depression & Anxiety

Big 5 Personality Inventory (CANOE)

Risk of Self-Harm

and more!

Why do so many providers love the Wholesome Map?

Easily done in the office or at home

Billable through insurance

Patient and professional versions available

Access to habit tracker, online support, and therapists

Helpful and relevant patient education resources