Effectively Coordinating Medical & Behavioral Healthcare

Improve clinical and financial outcomes and overall wellness to scale.

Who we serve:

Health Care Providers

Accountability Care Organizations (ACOs)

Health Care Plans

Assess risk factors and resources affecting medical outcomes and provide online customized behavioral health, evidence-based programs done independently or with telehealth support.

What is the Benefit?

 Coordinated, low-cost care delivery
 Thrive in accountable care and satisfy accreditation requirements.
 Improve revenue without additional brick and mortar.
 Improve patient outcomes
 HIPPA-compliant and secure
 Enhance the quality and service of care, including outcomes.

About the Care. Feedback Loop. Triage.

 Feedback to provider
 Software to organize and distribute referrals
 Behavioral Health EHR with interoperative notes. Integrates with Athena
 Specialty programs – surgical readiness, weight management, chronic pain, diabetes, and heart disease
 Tools for patients available in a free app

Sample of resources available to patients:

How we integrate with your specialization

Build specialty programs to your specifications
Modify EHR Templates to assess your medical specialization
Save time – Algorythmically-based tentative Impressions and Recommendations sections available before clinical interview.