Assess risk factors and resources affecting medical outcomes and providing online customized behavioral health, evidence-based programs done independently or with telehealth support.

The Wholesome Pathway program is everything your client needs for their Wholesome Health

Benefits for the Client:

Habit Tracker and Journal – Build on strengths to improve upon weaknesses with a system of suggested goals, tools for tracking, and rewards for participating.
 Identify strengths and weaknesses with the Wholesome Map.
 Establish core motivating values and achievable goals for the client to strive for.
 Help the patient establish a support system by inviting others to participate in the Wholesome Pathway program as well, at no extra charge.

Engage the Network that your Clients Need

 Get a free listing on and get found online
Telehealth capable through
 Share pertinent information instantly with your client’s care team through our interoperable Patient Chart
 Encrypted messaging between providers or with your client

Group Tools for Group Practices


 Supervision system for reviewing and signing off on apprentice notes
 Group scheduler to help manage balance between referrals and providers
 Client Management “Mothership” for directing and assigning clients to providers

How we mold to fit your specialization

 Build specialty programs to your specifications
 Modify EHR Templates to assess your specialization
 Save time – Algorythmical-based tentative Impressions and Recommendations sections are available before clinical interview.
 Utilize our Medicare/Caid sensitive intake, including specializations for bariatric or pain assessments, or customize to your specialty.

“The ability to complete notes online quickly from my PC, phone, tablet, or laptop has made life so much easier, efficient, and convenient. Therapractic has been a blessing for myself and my clinicians!” LCU-logo